Handmade events

As the big day approaches, Handmade and Bound Nashville is coming into focus with events and workshops.  Here’s a sampler:

Kids (you know who you are) can pitch in drawing a sidewalk chalk mural or join book artist Annie Herlocker to get their hands dirty making paper or get published with Kale Edmiston’s “Zines with kids” workshop or unroll their mats for story time when author Nathalie VanBalen reads from her children’s book Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice accompanied by finger puppets..

There are printing demonstrations by Bryce McCloud of Isle of Printing and the chance to print your own souvenir H&BN bag with Cindy Marsh of Goldsmith Press.

You can make some noise at the open-mic zine read-a-rama,  or make something of yourself by learning how to make miniature books with Jennifer Knowles -McQuiston of Brown Dog Bindery or a quadraflip (!) with Watkins’ own Elizabeth Sanford.

Delve deeper into the zen and art of the book with THE2NDHAND editor Todd Dills’ presentation Toward a Self-Sufficient, Long Lived Zine and The Art of Saying Something Worth Saving with Amy Wright.

When we firm up the schedule, we will open up sign up (by email or on the day if there are available spaces) for the workshops with limited enrollments.

Stay tuned for more events and activities and food trucks and…

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