A tip of the hat #1

Handmade & Bound Nashville wants to give the nod to festival participant Todd Dills of THE2NDHAND. Take it away Todd.

Toward a self-sufficient, long-lived zine

Thinking big can sometimes mean acting small. THE2NDHAND was founded in the year 2000 as a single 11-by-17 sheet of paper crowding several short stories into the limited space, distributed free of charge in storefront cafes, bookstores and record shops in Chicago. The literary zine’s editor, Todd Dills, continues to publish the broadsheet today, but alongside the primary print venue an online magazine, various digital projects and a couple of books also carry THE2NDHAND’s name. In this workshop, now-Nashville-resident Dills takes a tour through the zine’s history to examine the nuts and bolts of what it takes to keep a serial zine alive and vital. You will wear many hats as the maker of a zine. From conception to production, promotion and that sometime bugaboo of the independent publishing world, funding, making your zine a project with true longevity will depend on your consideration of all these aspects. Publishers/writers of one-off projects will likewise benefit from this talk – THE2NDHAND recently released its 10th-anniversary  book, All Hands On: THE2NDHAND After 10, a Reader, 2000-2011, funded in large part by a successful fund-raising campaign conducted through the Kickstarter.com arts fund-raising portal.

Todd Dills


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